Rent Villas in Puerto Alcudia, Mallorca

Puerto Alcudia borders the northern Alcudia bay and is well known by many to be the best beach and resort in Mallorca. The resort is about 50 km to the north of the capital, Palma. The airport is a 1.5 h drive away from Puerto Alcudia.

Mallorca villa rentals in Puerto Alcudia are often sought by families and individuals on a limited budget such as new couples. Villas are often on the beach side and can accommodate as less as 2, while more spacious villas can host 10 in 5 bedrooms. Bigger villas contain pools, tennis courts, Jacuzzi, cable TV and even a small gym in some occasions.

The main beach at Puerto Alcudia is a long one that spreads for about 12 km. It could be reached in 10 minutes if you walk from the residential area. The beach offers the best umbrellas, pedaloes, sunbeds and top-air bars. The golden fine sand and the blue clear water qualify the beach to be the best in Mallorca. Holidaymakers can also go water skiing; jet skiing, scuba diving and windsurfing. Inflatable riding and paragliding are additional activities to enjoy there.

Tourists who choose Mallorca villa rentals in Puerto Alcudia are rewarded with many enjoyable activities to do. The Old Town of Alcudia which is about 2 km away from Puerto Alcudia is surely worth a visit. The town attains a medieval architectural style and is full of cafes, restaurants and shops. Tourists can purchase a variety of souvenirs over here. Remains from the Romans age include an ancient bridge and a segment of a theatre and are usually visited by tourists. Cycling is another thing to enjoy in Puerto Alcudia. The resort has cycling lanes that would allow holidaymakers to enjoy this wonderful sport while avoiding the crowded traffic. Nightlife is quite stunning in Puerto Alcudia. Disco-clubs, music and karaoke bars are flooded with tourists on almost every summer night. However, in winters many of these clubs and bars are out of service.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that holiday villa rentals in Puerto Alcudia, Mallorca guarantees tourists a very exciting holiday.

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