Rent Villas in Pollensa, Mallorca

Pollensa is located on the far north edge of Mallorca. Its port (Puerto Pollensa) lies 6 km to the east. This town was settled more than 500 years ago to prevent pirate attacks. The town of Pollensa is about 65 km away from the airport, so if you drive it would take less than 1.5 hours to reach it.

So, if you choose Mallorca villa rentals in Pollensa, you would surely enjoy the view of the Traumuntana Mountains that are faced by many of those villas. Villas are numerous and could accommodate 2 to as many as 12 people depending on the number of bedrooms. Some villas also follow the same line of traditional building preserved in the old architecture of the town.

If you rent a villa in Pollensa, you would probably visit the Cala Figuera beach which is a 15 minute drive away from the residential area. The beach offers an outstanding view of the fusion of cliffy mountains with the blue sheet of the Mediterranean. Regular stuff as sunbeds, umbrellas and top-air bars are provided. Diving is a wonderful thing to do there, where you can explore the charm of the underwater world. Many diving agencies provide tourists with tutors and equipment needed for unmatched diving trips.

Tourists in Pollensa are awarded the activities of a perfect holiday. The 365 step stairway that leads to the Calvary is one of Pollensa’s most visited sites and is where the dramatic parade “Good Friday” takes place. This event is often followed by a lot of spectators. The old town with its short buildings and narrow paths is fun to walk through. The Traumantana Mountains provide the perfect arena for climbers and cavers. The town has always been famous for its spectacular craftwork and some shops sell few pieces of these works. Restaurants and bars aren’t many but are the most headed places at night in Pollensa.

Choose Mallorca villa rentals in Polensa and embrace a landscape that is relaxing and soothing and engage in many activities and sports that would suit every person in the family.

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