Rent Villas in Manacor, Mallorca

Manacor is the second largest city in Mallorca and is situated 50 km away from the capital, Palma de Mallorca. The city is famous for furniture production as well as the manufacturing of artificial pearls. Although Manacor is considered one of the biggest municipal areas on the island, it is also a destination for a big number of tourists. The airport is about 67 km away, so the car trip to Manacor should be less than 90 minutes.

Many villas in Manacor are still holding the old construction style which is rather uniform in the architecture throughout the city. Mallorca villa rental in Manacor ensures a wide array of options for tourists to choose from. Countryside villas are usually luxurious to tourists and usually have private pools, Jacuzzi and all domestic electrical appliances that would ease your holiday. Low budget bungalows are also available and could accommodate from 2 to as many as 10 people depending on their cost of rental.

If you rent a villa in Manacor, Mallorca you would be rewarded with a lot of beaches that are about 15 km away from the residential area. Cala Maruda, Es Domingos Petits beach and Es Domingos beach are the longest of those beaches and get stuffed with tourists in summer. However, smaller beaches such as Cala Antena are quieter and less crowded. All beaches have sunbeds, umbrellas and open-air bars.

Many activities await tourists in Mallorca. You really shouldn’t miss a visit to one of the small artificial pearls factories. Moreover, the spot is filled with horse racing fans and tourists enjoy the chariot races held on the weekends. The countryside is filled with monuments and archaeological relics from the Roman period and attracts spectators to visit Manacor. Many of the architectural masterpieces are flooded with visitors. These include, the Torre dels Enagistes, Torre de ses Puntes and the remains of the old Palau de Mallorca. Shops, restaurants and bars are the foundation of night activities in Manacor.

Come to Manacor for Mallorca villa rental will guarantee you a holiday that wouldn’t be matched and would enrich your view with the nicest landscape.

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