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History of Mallorca, Main resorts, climate summary

Mallorca is the largest Island of Spain which is located in the Mediterranean Sea. The Capital of this Island is Palma. Anthem of Majorca is La Balanguera. Mallorca is a popular tourist destination. Coming to the history and founding of Mallorca This Island was occupied by the Romans in 123 BC. In 534 it was conquered by Byzantine Empire and administered as a part of the province of Sardinia. Again in 902 the caliphate of Cordoba conquered Mallorca.

After Caliphate a new era started. Mallorca came under rule of Taifa and Denia. Almoravides from North America ruled till 1203. Later Almoravides were replaced by Almohad dynasty till 1229. King James I of Aragon launched an invasion which landed on Santa Ponsa, Majorca, on 1229. After the death of James I his kingdom was divided between his sons. James II became king of the new Kingdom of Majorca.

Coming to the climate of Mallorca it is mild, stormy winters, hot and bright summers. Overall it is a Mediterranean climate.

Mallorca is the most popular tourist destination in Europe. It is the beautiful island in the Mediterranean, because of its scenery. Mallorca has main resorts for people who are looking for only sun, sand and nightclubs. Mallorca is very famous for its beautiful beaches. Mallorca is such a famous place that famous people like Michael Douglas and Claudia Schiffer prefer to spend their holidays here.

One of the interesting features of Mallorca is its fascinating resorts. Some of the best resorts in Mallorca are which visitors shouldn’t miss include;

Can Pastilla- Can Pastilla is a famous well-established holiday resort and is located nearby Palma de Mallorca airport. Mostly British, Spanish and Germans are the visitors visit the place which reflects the specialty of restaurants and bars.

Cala Milor- Cala Millor is described as the largest and well known resort in the east coast of Mallorca. It has a golden sandy beach that stretch for about a kilometer. Mostly Germans visits this place.

Alcudia- Alcudia is in the north of Mallorca 54km distance from Palma. Alcudia is described as a very friendly, family resort with comfortable accommodation. Mostly visitors from Europe visit this place.

Cala Bona— Cal Bona is one of the most famous resorts in Mallorca. It is located just north of Cala Millor. Mostly visitors here are British; they love to wander around from Cala Milor. Apart from them Germans also loves to visit Cala Bona.

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