Rent Villas in Llubi, Mallorca

Llubi is located on the Plain of Mallorca and is well known for its appealing caper fields. Llubi is only about 40 km away from the capital, Mallorca. The airport is located 40 km from Llubi so the drive there would take less than an hour in most cases. The village is in the middle between 2 hills, which gives it an outstanding landscape which is soothing to tourists.

Mallorca villa rental in Llubi is a big business. The old architectural spirit of the buildings can’t be simulated in any other spot in Mallorca. Countryside villas that host the view of caper fields are many. Those villas have variable prices and are usually filled with all the prosperity options sought by tourists. However, if you aren’t planning to spend much, low cost apartment rentals are also present.

The shore is only about 15 km away and is a very nice place for bathing and practicing water sports. The beach is clean and ensures a warm bath. The beach is equipped with the best sunbeds and umbrellas. Moreover, Mallorca villa holidays rental in Llubi, is the perfect choice if you would like to experience mountaineering, caving and trekking as these sport practices are offered at the Serra de Tramuntana.

The centre of the village is only 1.5 km away from the residential area and has many shops, restaurants and bars. Thus, tourists can meet the local villagers and enjoy the hospitality and kindness of them. Llubis is a magnet for tourists who travel there to enjoy the view of the peculiar fig trees and carob trees in a topography that couldn’t be found elsewhere in Mallorca. Visitors can also enjoy horse riding in a horse track that is present on the edge of the village. Besides, golfers can enjoy their favorite sport in one of the scattered high quality golf courses.

The landscape of Llubi, Mallorca is a wonderful resort that still holds the old architectural historical values. So rent a villa in Llubi and experience a peaceful holiday where you can enjoy practicing wonderful sports on the stunning Tramuntana Mountains.

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