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Campos which is located on the southern corner of the Mallorca Island was settled by Jaume II in the 14th century on the relics of earlier Arabs and Romans. This historical town is only about 35 km from the airport so a car will reach it in about 60 minutes.

Mallorca villa rentals in Campos are often luxurious with many options to choose from. Although, top villas with high standards of accommodation are numerous, average narrow budget villas are also available for rent. So if you have a big family of around 10 or if you want to enjoy a holiday with your spouse, villas in Campos would quench your needs.

Colonia de Sant Jordi is a small beach which offers a stunning view over some islets that extend all the way to Cabrera. This beach is usually frequented by tourists visiting Campos. Also, two other beaches with very fine sand are located to the east of Campos. The outstretched beach of Platja Es Trenc is right at the west of the town and is where you can take a wonderful boat trip to Cabrera.

If you rent a villa in Campos, you would have the opportunity to visit many interesting scenes. Capdepra is the largest fortress in Mallorca and is located at the highest point of the town. The fortress could be reached by climbing up the steps from the market square. Capocorb Vell is the remains of Talaiotic cu ture and comprises circular or rectangular two or three story high structures that attract spectators all the time. The church of Sant Julia is also a great place to visit to behold Murillo’s wonderful painting of Christ. Just beside the church resides a museum that exhibits a huge collection of offertory bowls. Moreover, the town holds a very busy market on Thursday and Saturdays and is often headed by tourists.

Mallorca villa rental in Campos would provide you with a chance to enjoy a wonderful holiday on the fine sands of the Mediterranean coast, whilst witnessing a group of historical and monumental values in a town that has been standing in the face of time for thousands of years.

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