Rent Villas in Algaida, Mallorca

Algaida is a sleepy old town located in the center of Mallorca and possesses a classic beauty of various narrow streets without any concrete, all green shutters and stonework church which dominate the center of the town. However most of the attractions in Algaida are located on the outskirts of the town i.e. on Palm Mallorca road.

One of the popular attractions in Algaida is the glass factory which is placed in a mock castle. This glass factory consists of arches and stained glass which makes its appearance look like a church. Points of attraction in Algaida are Punxuat, Albenya, the pilgrimage chapel of Mare de Déu de la Pau de Catellitx and several windmills.Algaida villa rental mallorca

There are three beaches that surround the Algaida. These are Platja de Palma, Platja Arenal and Platja Ciutat Jardi. If you really want to enjoy the real life of Algaida then you must go to their cafes and bars. There are some airports near Algaida which are a little distance away from it like Alcantarilla Airport (approx. 17 km away), Ciudad-Quesada-Alicante Airport (approx. 51 km away), Murcia-San-Javier Airport (approx 55 km away), El-Carmoli Murcia Airport (approx. 58 km away) and Ontur Albacete Airport (approx. 61 km away).

The different Mallorca Villas Rental and Mallorca Holidays Rental in Algaida will enable you to explore the island with its immense pleasure of peaceful surroundings in villas or hotels. There are various types of Mallorca Villas on rent in Algaida which range from higher price to very affordable ones. Some of the Rent villas are available at a very short distance from Algaida and you will get them at very affordable prices such as the Hotel Ca Sa Padrina which is available at €85.00 only and is located at a distance of 22.6 km from Algaida.

The Mallorca Holidays rent offers you complete facilities which include air conditioning system, fully furnished rooms for the whole family, terrace to enjoy the island, parking space on the plot, shower and tub, hot & cold water facility etc. The various other rent villas in Algaida are Casa Gina, Casa monsebo, S’era nova gran, Llucmajor etc. All these Mallorca Villas rent are located a short distance away from Algaida.

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